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Pain Relief


What is Pain Relief Pill?

Very often in our daily lifes we are experiencing mild pain in your body. It can be from different reasons like going trough painful or just unplesant treatment (cosmetic or medical examination) or light headacke. This sonic pill is designed to work as a natural pain relief. It will reduce this unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. Pain relief pill has beneficial effects on easing both chronic and acute pain.

How it works

This pill is using a range of deep and powerful binaural Delta waves that will bring you to a very relaxing and pain relief state. Alpha range (8-16Hz) is combined with Theta(4-8Hz) bringing you to magical Delta 2.5Hz that is comonly used in sound therapy for pain releif. As this Pill is rich with frequencies, we made it beautiful to listen, empowerd by healing power of music.


  • release unconfort caused by unplesant treatment/medical exam
  • ease pain caused by injuries
  • relax muscular pain
  • can help with menstrual pain
  • help with light joint pains
  • toothache and neuralgia


10.44 min

How to use

Pain Relief pill is best to use while in a lying position with your eyes closed. For full effect listen with your headphones on. As every one of us is an individual ...


Sonic Pills sound therapy effect will not be reduced if used in combination with other medicines. If used in combination with similar kind of medical ...

Made by

Pain Relief pill is designed & produced by Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic, sound therapist and member of Sound Healers Association.