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What is Mindfulness Pill?

We all know benefits of meditation. Still, to achieve it without previous experience, it requires time, space and athmosphere. This sound therapy is designed to bring you to a light meditative state in a short time, in which you will experience clearness of mind, distinct but relaxed focus and presence in the present moment. The MP will initiate a state of consciousness in which your mind does not judge, evaluate or condemn, but calmly observes and recognises what is currently happening, accepting everything the way it simply is.

How it works

MP uses fascinating binaural frequencies from the Gamma spectrum to enhance the flow of electric impulses in the brain, expand awareness, and enhance the sense of presence in one's body, in the present space and time. We deliberatly kept this Pill simple, with very strong Gamma enriched with Ocean sounds to get you to the state of 'here and now' easly in the shortest possible time.


  • balancing the body&mind
  • enhancing relaxed focus and concentration
  • reducing and managing stress
  • developing feelings of wholeness, happiness and love
  • developing feelings of compassion and empathy


13.55 min

How to use

Mindfulness pill is best to use while in a lying position with your eyes closed. For full effect listen with your headphones on. As every one of us is an individual ...


Sonic Pills sound therapy effect will not be reduced if used in combination with other medicines. If used in combination with similar kind of medical ...

Made by

Mindfulness pill is designed & produced by Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic, sound therapist and member of Sound Healers Association.