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Imuno Boost


What is Imuno Boost Pill?

Recent times have shown us that having a strong imune system is a key to good health. As the name suggests, the immunity system is a system, not an individual part. It is tied to many factors and is very personal, so the formula for one person may or may not be the same for another. Although it has not been proven that there is a direct link between one's lifestyle and immunity, these relationships have been a constant subject of scientific study.This sound therapy is designed to have a beneficial effect on balancing your physical and mental functions that scientists believe enhance your body's immune response. The effect of diet, the environment in which you live, physical activity, age, mental stress, amount of rest and sleep, breathing patterns, feelings of (dis)satisfaction, and many other factors are related to your body's immune response. Some aspects can be improved, and some habits can be changed for overall health, but the general conclusion is that the balance of all psycho-physical systems is the safest way to health.

How it works

The Immune-Boost Pill is designed to balance all your body's systems to enhance and maintain a your good immune response. It has implemented binaural rhythms and isochronic tones that initiate Theta waves (on Schumann resonance) and a series of analog frequencies from the Holy Harmony set by Mr. Jonathan Goldman, the pioneer of sound therapy and head of Sound Healers Association in America. Additionally, IBP implements a frequency of 128Hz and a unique technique of self-produced voice called humming can help with reducing inflammations that seem to help building body response to COVID 19.


  • balancing all body systems
  • balancing all mental processes
  • stress reduction
  • production of melatonin
  • boosts your motivation
  • originates feelings of love and security


15.19 min

How to use

Imuno Boost pill is best to use while in a lying position with your eyes closed. For full effect listen with your headphones on. As every one of us is an individual ...


Sonic Pills sound therapy effect will not be reduced if used in combination with other medicines. If used in combination with similar kind of medical ...

Made by

Imuno Boost pill is designed & produced by Petra Crnetic Dvojkovic, sound therapist and member of Sound Healers Association.